The DTG environment is a critical part of the printer working well. DTG printers need an office-type environment with consistent temperature and a minimum humidity level of 40%, which is important to help avoid a clogged print head and excessive automatic head cleanings.

You may not necessarily experience clogging, but too-low humidity will cause the print head to overheat, resulting in repeated automatic cleanings to cool it. The proper environment not only will help avoid clogging issues, but also save you from increased ink expenses due to unnecessary head cleanings.

Some printers like DTGPRO printers can be removed from this environment to be used at special events, such as
car shows, art fairs, etc. The key is to return the machine to its proper environment as quickly as possible, but a one- or two-day event won’t be an issue. ( DTG vendors operating at trade shows etc

Important factors to note:

- Humidity
- Temperature
- No pretreatment mist or spray near the printhead. PT away from the printer.

Video Tutorial :