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Last Resort Printhead cleaning methods

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  • Last Resort Printhead cleaning methods

    The REVERSE FLUSH is always the best and safest way ( Pulling the syringe backward), but gentle , very gentle forward pressure can work.
    DO NOT SPILL any liquid near printhead cables. It can flow into the electronics and short the main board and Printhead electricals.

    I would use distilled water ( DI ) and not alcohol to flush. If you decide to use alcohol, ensure it is flushed out quick and does not remain in the printhead.

    ULTRASOUND is another option we have seen users utilize :
    Info from Printhead Doctor :

    Ultrasound applied to a fluid creates microscopic bubbles that help clean print heads very well. BUT the sonic vibrations can damage your Epson print head , if you use too powerful a frequency or heat. Only use 75 kHz or less ultrasound on Epson heads, and reduce the output power of the tank to 25%.

    Only submerge the part without any electronics. Do not submerge the electronics. Ensure blow dry after done, before reconnecting. Watch cables carefully to prevent liquid on them.

    For interest :

    This is what some users are doing with ultrasound :

    Check if these will go up to 70 kHz frequency ( 35-50Khz might be fine) :

    Worst case:

    NEW Printhead +Install