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DTG P600 Belt issue

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  • DTG P600 Belt issue

    Saw this post today :
    "Has anyone experienced difficulty with the brown belt the printer head sits on? Upon start up, our P600 started spinning that belt. The belt still spins, but the printer head does not move. The belt no longer moves the printer head properly. We have tried letting it resync (unlocking the print head, turning the printer back on, printer head moves back in place) three times. It did not fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestion "

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    Could be the pw sensor under the head. Some DIYers use a piece of tape to cover it, usually black electrical tape, which sometimes falls off causing that issue. The best thing to do is turn sensor upside down.


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      A loose pulley belt can easily cause the sensitive, high speed encoder wheel to skip steps during certain print resolutions, which will result in error 0xF3 on the Epson module.

      1. Remove the side cover panel, on the side of the module opposite the capping station.
      2. Tap the encoder wheel belt – there should be very little movement, as it needs to be relative tight to keep up with the wheel rotations. If there is any play in the belt, proceed to the next steps.
      3. Take note of the two screws which hold the drive gear in place – one is a pivot / set screw, and the other allows for a certain amount of movement, once it is loosened.
      4. Loosen both screws slightly – DO NOT remove, all the way.
      5. Pull the drive gear to tighten the belt, simultaneously tightening both the pivot / set and adjustment screws.


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        Click image for larger version

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          Unless you have an simulator/emulator, then you will not have the wheel issue.
          But if you are hearing the dreaded GRIND noise and the printhead is not moving freely, like something is catching it, likely Capping station is broken, or needs re-syncing, by manually unlocking the printhead and letting it re-sync.
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