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    I used the parchment paper to cure the pretreat and Teflon to cure the dtg ink.
    The Teflon makes the print too glossy. I tried using the parchment to cure the dtg but it takes some of the print off. Any suggestions to get a clean finish without the glossiness?

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    I have been using parchment paper (not wax paper) for years. I get a large roll at sam's, the cheapest option by far. Works great.

    What I like about the Kraft paper is if it is sticking to the print or pretreated shirt, that tells me there is still moisture left and I need to cure for another 30 seconds or so.
    If moisture is left behind when curing PT or finished print, it will break down quicker in the wash cycles.

    The ideal indicator is when the Kraft papar slides off the shirt in either case.

    I use kraft paper for transfers and for smoothing out rough prints on pique and fleece. It's coated with something that prevents it from sticking to the print once it has cooled off a little. And as mentioned above it gives the print a very nice texture as opposed to the funky gloss look the teflon leaves.

    You can buy Parchment Paper in the baking section of your grocery store. I'm not sure if it is the ideal thing for use with the pretreatment -but many use it when using a heat press to cure waterbase ink. It is cheap and readily available, so probably worth a try.

    Stahls Kraft paper is a re-usable release sheet that does not trap moisture like Teflon sheets do. They do adsorb some of the moisture so there is less likely hood of staining occurring when using them for pretreatment curing.

    I like the finish they leave to the print as it is not as shiny and rubbery feeling as Teflon sheets leave behind.

    Used regularly, one sheet should last about 30 days. Turn it over after each use and rotate it often as well. When a darker brown spot appears, that is the indication the sheet has dried out and is about to crack....time for a new one.
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