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  • P600 Printing WHITE, tips

    I get asked : Doesn't printing on resolution 1440x 1440 make it slower and use more white ink?

    If you want heavy white ink coverage, you must have a minimum volume, regardless - How ?
    By a single 1440 x 1440 pass, or it can be done through multiple 1440 x 720 passes, etc.
    Many companies advertise heavy white ink deposits using lower resolutions, but they are often running multiple scan line passes to make this work - while a SINGLE low res pass may indeed use less ink and print faster than a single 1440 x 1440 pass, they wouldn’t be comparable in terms of quality.
    So a true comparison of time and ink consumption would need to be between 1440 x 1440 and a comparable low res print (likely two scan line passes at 1440 x 720, three or four at 720 x 720, etc)

    It is often said that different hardware can struggle with lower resolutions, due to the step calculations being slightly off from the encoder signals. This is most prevalent with lower resolutions because the scan lines are wider, so the cumulative effect becomes more noticeable.

    Happy printing